This chapter is Part 1 of three chapters that cover the story of The Six Year Sakura (六年桜, Rokunenzakura).

After Teiichi's ordeal with the final exams, he discovers the existence of a ghost story revolving around a certain couple and a seemingly harmless tree outside Seikyou Academy's Middle School Building.


The final exams have finished. Teiichi looks up at the canopy of one of the many trees that surround the middle school building of Seikyou Academy, and he is joined by Kirie Kanoe. It turns out that he does not feel confident on the results of his exams, while Kirie tries to avoid discussing about her exam results.

Soon, a girl approaches the two and reprimands them to get away from the tree, which she calls the "Six Year Sakura". Although Kirie was confrontational at first, she decides to leave with Teiichi later on.

Later that day, Teiichi hears about the tree and a certain couple that usually meets there. As Teiichi listens, he is startled by Yuuko, who is hanging out on another classroom, more specifically in the classroom of Class 3-B. He finds it weird that Yuuko would stay at a third-year classroom, but Yuuko points out that she is a third-year student, so staying over is not that weird.

Yuuko then listens as he tries to ask her about the Six Year Sakura, and Teiichi unexpectedly takes the attention of a third-year student, who appears to know about his links with the Paranormal Investigation Club. She decides to ask his help in a ghost story, which involves her classmate Nao Yasunaga.

As Yuuko looks suspiciously at Teiichi, he and Nao go to the rooftop for a talk about the story she wants to consult. There, Nao explains that she thinks that her friend Kiyomi Michidera might have been affected by the ghost story as she has been acting strange for some time. Nao wonders that the "Six Year Sakura" story has been a well-known rumor although she (and Teiichi as well) doesn't know about the story.

Soon, Nao leaves behind a message to Teiichi: to not think too much about the story, and to keep from standing out too much. Kiyomi then appears to fetch Nao, glaring at Teiichi as they head out of the rooftop.

Yuuko, who has been listening to the conversation the whole time, notices that something is weird with Nao before realizing that Teiichi is somewhat shocked himself.


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  • Class 3-B Room, Middle School Building, Seikyou Academy
  • Rooftop, Middle School Building, Seikyou Academy



  • "You should try not to stand out as well. It's unofficial right? That... Paranormal Investigation Club of yours." — Nao's last words to Teiichi before leaving with Kiyomi