Yuuko-san of the Toilet (トイレの夕子さん, Toire no Yuuko-san) is Chapter 11.5 of the Tasogare Otome × Amnesia manga series.

Momoe comes to consult Teiichi about rumors of a certain spirit haunting one of the female comfort rooms inside Seikyou Academy. With Kirie's intervention, Teiichi goes on an embarrassing mission to find out if the story of "Yuuko-san of the Toilet" is true or not.


Momoe comes to the Paranormal Investigation Club to share rumors of a ghost lurking inside the girl's washroom of the fourth school building of Seikyou Academy. However, it is not the popular "Hanako of the Toilet" that is haunting the said place, but it is Yuuko of the Toilet. Teiichi is clearly doubtful whether to check out the story himself, since the place in question is a girl's washroom, but Kirie, who just arrived in the clubroom, has an idea on how to sneak him in.

And of course, it involves Teiichi dressing as a female student, and Kirie decides to let him wear her school uniform while she wears his. Teiichi is clearly uncomfortable wearing a short skirt, but it seems that Kirie likes the male student look on herself.

Soon, Teiichi arrives at the Fourth School Building's Girls' Washroom and positions himself in front of the third cubicle where the ghost is rumored to appear. Meanwhile, Kirie and Momoe watch him from the entrance, with Kirie unable to go in since she is in a male student attire.

As the story dictates, Teiichi knocks on the cubicle door thrice before saying "Yuuko-san, let's play."

The cubicle door slowly opens and an irritated Yuuko emerges from the door. In an instant, Teiichi is tugged right into the cubicle before the cubicle shuts itself behind him.

While Kirie and Momoe are left outside the cubicle unable to reach Teiichi, Yuuko asks him what game they'll play. Teiichi apologizes as his head presses onto Yuuko's breasts.


By order of appearance


  • Paranormal Investigation Club Headquarters, Old School Building

New Locations

  • Girls' Washroom, Fourth School Building


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