The Elevator of Malice (怨念の自動エレベーター, On'nen no Jidou Erebeta) is an old dumbwaiter located inside one of the buildings in Seikyou Academy. It is famous for being haunted by a certain spirit, who is rumored to drag students who stay in school past class hours into the underworld.


The Elevator of Malice is a simple dumbwaiter made up of metal (probably aluminum or steel). The design of the dumbwaiter has some similarities to a typical elevator, although it has a compartment small enough to fit a crouching person, and its control panel is located outside, as it was not designed to contain human-sized passengers. The elevator can take its cargo up to four stories down.

Ghost Story

A famous story behind the Elevator of Malice tells of a girl who was killed violently on the elevator, decapitated after her head was stuck on the elevator. Since then, the girl's spirit haunts the elevator, taking with her unsuspecting victims into the underworld.


Investigating the Elevator of Malice

Through Momoe Okonogi's suggestions, Teiichi Niiya from the Paranormal Investigation Club visited the Elevator of Malice while Momoe takes Teiichi to key ghost story locations in Seikyou Academy. During this, the ghost of the school, Yuuko Kanoe observes the two as Momoe explains the ghost story behind the elevator. Yuuko was not convinced that the story is real, so to prove a point, she kicks Teiichi into the Elevator of Malice and took him on a short ride four stories down.

Despite Yuuko's intervention, Momoe remained convinced that there is a ghost in the Elevator of Malice and she congratulated Teiichi for "surviving" the elevator, not knowing that Yuuko was actually the one behind the operation of the elevator.