Haruka Yoshizawa (吉沢 春香, Yoshizawa Haruka) is a first-year middle school student of Seikyou Academy and is Teiichi Niiya's classmate in Class 1-C. She is a member of the Biology Club.


She was involved in the story of the Afterschool Quicksilver, and was revealed to be the perpetrator of the chain of events that involved the destruction of school property in Seikyou Academy. It is implied that she likes her long-time friend Yuuto, but eventually finds him unreachable due to his now changed school life. This, combined with the uneasiness she feels whenever she is alone, triggered her to destroy classrooms to forget the painful memories she bears.


  • Haruka and Yuuto originally came from Maybe's adult comic Summer Maiden, which is part of the Mankai Otome story collection.
  • Another surprising fact about Haruka and Yuuto is that they share the same name (although in Yuuto's case it's only a similarity in sounding) with the main pair in the Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu light novel series: Haruka Nogizaka and Yuuto Ayase.