Kaede Hill (かえで坂, Kaede-saka) is a hill located adjacent to the Seikyou Academy school complex. Aside from being the location of the Chairman's Office, it is famous for being the place where a grave dedicated to Yuuko is found.


Kaede Hill is situated on the northernmost part of the school complex, hidden from plain sight by the many tall buildings constructed recently. Although the lower portion of the hill has a flight of stairs built for visitors, the upper portion is left unpaved, leaving behind an open path made of soft ground.

At the top of the hill, there is a stone erected with the name "Yuuko" carved in it. Aside from that, one can see a perfect view of the entire school complex from a vantage point in the hill.

Although Kaede Hill is known by most students, it is rarely visited; one probable cause is its proximity to the Old School Building where a ghost is rumored to lurk or something related to the gravestone where Yuuko's name was etched.