Minato Okiura (沖浦 みなと, Okiura Minato) is a third-year student of Seikyou Academy and a member of the school's Art Club. Because of her eccentric hobby of visiting a certain area inside the school's premises, she unknowingly became the inspiration behind the ghost story of the "Bare Legs in the Twilight".

Sousuke Mihara, a member of the Third Newspaper Club, becomes interested to know the identity of the "Bare Legs in the Twilight" and with the help of Teiichi and his Paranormal Investigation Club discovers Minato as the girl behind the mysterious ghost story.

She later develops a link with Yuuko as she materializes her sightings of Yuuko in her sketches. Initially, she was only able to see Yuuko as a black spectre with a frightening smile, a product of fear overwhelming her while she sketches Yuuko, until Sousuke calms her with his presence.