Seikyou Academy's Old School Building (旧校舎, Kyou-kousha) is the oldest region in the school complex and is the only part of the school which is rarely visited by the student population. Its existence goes as far back as the first years of the Seikyou Academy's founding, and is among the most notorious parts of the school when it comes to ghost stories.


The Old School Building is a derelict multi-storey building located near Kaede Hill and is the original school building of Seikyou Academy at the time of its founding over fifty years ago. Due to constant remodeling throughout the years, it underwent an unusual transformation, with classrooms often turned into storage facilities while some are closed permanently.

It is revealed that the remains of a girl (later identified as Yuuko Kanoe) is hidden inside one of the rooms inside the Old School Building. How she ended up in such a place remains a mystery, but a bigger mystery is the existence of a temple where Yuuko's corpse was found.