Ryouka Takamatsu (高松 凌華, Takamatsu Ryouka) is Seikyou Academy's school nurse and a student of the said school 15 years ago.


Ryouka is considerably weak against scary stories, and often tries to avoid hearing them. If she was unable to do so, she usually reacts by screaming, running away, or in the worst case, fainting. Aside from her vulnerability in ghost stories, she is often calm and helpful to students.


Beckoning Window

She attends to Teiichi Niiya when the boy is taken by schoolmate Momoe Okonogi to the infirmary. While Teiichi is in fact knocked out by Yuuko Kanoe after falling on top of him as a surprise, Ryouka diagnoses him of mild anemia. After leaving momentarily due to Momoe's scary story, she returns to check up on Teiichi and discharges him afterwards.

The Ghost From 15 Years Past

Niiya returns a second time in the infirmary; this time, it is to borrow some towels to dry himself (and Yuuko) off after being caught in the rain. Ryouka leaves the infirmary for a short while, and several minutes later, after Niiya escapes from a grotesque Yuuko, Ryouka returns, only to see a faint image of a person inside the infirmary. She also sees a towel which she thought was covered by blood.

After her supposed experience with a ghost, she has began to feel anxiety whenever she is alone. Thinking that she is being haunted by a spirit, she asks the help of the Paranormal Investigation Club through Momoe.

Yuuko realizes that she is involved with the alleged ghost sighting, but Teiichi thinks it is just half of the story, as Kirie stated upon overhearing Ryouka's mention of a certain Kakizaki. Teiichi decides to confront her about Kakizaki's story, and in her testimony, she tells them of her experience of a certain classmate's death 15 years ago — who is none other than Kakizaki himself — and its contribution to her career choice. Yuuko then closes the case by allowing herself to manifest Kakizaki's image so that Ryouka will be freed of her guilt in the incident.