Seikyou Academy (誠教学園, Seikyou Gakuen) is a school complex located in a certain town area in Japan. It has been constantly undergoing rebuilding and renovations throughout its 60-year history and it eventually became famous among its students for its many ghost stories. The academy is a private one and the kanji composing the name can be read as "Academy of Sincere Teachings"


The academy is originally a small school established near Kaede Hill which only offers a middle school curriculum. Throughout the years, several additional buildings were constructed around the original building of Seikyou Academy (later called as the Old School Building) and the school began to accept enrollees for high school later on.


Currently, the school's main buildings are composed of the Old School Building, several newer school buildings including the Fourth Building for high school students, the Middle School Building and the New School Building most recently added to the school complex. The Old School Building is no longer used by the students, and is often used as a warehouse for school equipment.

Other buildings and structures inside the campus are two gymnasiums, an outdoor pool and an indoor pool (the latter is located in the newer of the two gyms), a tower which holds the school's conference rooms, and the Eighth Grounds, where the outdoor PE classes are held. The school's tower is considered to be the highest point of the school, while the Eighth Grounds are the lowest point.


Students who enroll in Seikyou Academy wear a uniform with a dark color scheme. Girls wear the default uniform consisting of a dark blue seifuku with long sleeves, white collars and a red tie. Summer uniforms replace the seifuku with a white polo shirt. On the other hand, the default uniform for the boys is made up of a black gakuran worn over a white dress shirt and black slacks. Like in the girls' summer uniform, boys wear a white polo shirt in summer. Beige-colored blazers, long-sleeved ones with buttons and sleeveless ones, are also available for both genders.

In the past, female students would wear a black seifuku with black collars and a red tie.

Superstitious Beliefs

The supernatual phenomena seem to be a famous topic of conversation within the Academy, not only the academy has it's own Seven Mysteries, but also has many other rumors about other apparently inexplicable events.