The Seven Mysteries of Seikyou Academy (学園の七不思議, Gakuen no Shichi Fushigi, lit., "Academy's Seven Wonders") are seven ghost stories which are most famous throughout Seikyou Academy. They are suspected to be interconnected with the death of Yuuko Kanoe, and details certain clues from the event that took her life.

The Ghost of the Old School Building

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One of the most direct references to Yuuko's story, this story tells of a ghost who is rumored to roam Seikyou Academy's oldest building. This causes students to avoid the Old School Building, all except Teiichi Niiya, who did encounter the ghost of Yuuko inside one of the rooms of the abandoned school building.

The Hidden Demon

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The story involves a game called "Hidden Demon" in which a single player plays a hiding game with a certain entity by using a doll with someone's name attached to it. Losing the doll is supposed to summon the "Hidden Demon" to hunt down the player.

Spirited Away

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Although not necessarily a ghost story with definite details, the story of "Spirited Away" acts as a reminder to people who find themselves interacting with spirits. The exact story behind "Spirited Away" remains a mystery, but there are a few versions of the story that persist to the present.

Rock of Curses

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According to this story, there exists a rock in which a person can write the name of the person whom he/she hates the most. Any person whose name is written on this stone will be cursed and is doomed to die.


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The story of "Akahito" is tied with Seikyou Academy's school festival. At the day of the event, Akahito is rumored to wait for his victims, which are usually students who stay inside the school beyond sunset. When he attacks, he often sucks his victims' blood, and this is the main reason why he was named "Akahito" (which means "red man" in Japanese).

Interdimensional 13 Steps

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Sixth of the Seven Mysteries, it involves a flight of stairs which has thirteen steps. It is rumored to take anyone who walks down those stairs into another dimension.

Curse of the Seven Mysteries