Sousuke Mihara (三原 草佑, Mihara Sōsuke) is a first-year middle school student of Seikyou Academy. He becomes directly involved in the story of the "Bare Legs in the Twilight", and ends up falling in love with the source of the mystery.


Sousuke is a bespectacled boy with black hair and brown eyes. His hair is styled such that it is swept on each side of the head, with his bangs slightly covering his forehead. He wears the Seikyou Academy uniform with his undershirt neatly buttoned and has the collar of his gakuran upturned.

His overall look gives off an air of maturity, causing him to look older than he really is.


Sousuke hears of Teiichi's credibility in solving Seikyou School's ghost stories and personally asks for his help with fellow member Momoe Okonogi with regards with another ghost story. He reveals that he experiences sightings of a pair of legs dangling on the window on one of the school's older buildings, but was not able to confront the girl even if he tried to look for the room where she is supposed to be.

Sousuke appears to be very interested to know more about the girl that always eluded him and was convinced that he fell in love with the ghost who own the legs he saw. Seeing his determination, Teiichi agrees to help, although Yuuko suspects that the case might not involve a ghost, since she knows that ghosts do not vanish into thin air.


  • "Do you think it's possible... to date a ghost?" — Asked to Teiichi, Chapter 25