Spirited Away (神隠し, Kami-kakushi) is one of the Seven Mysteries of Seikyou Academy. The story involves the sudden disappearance of people who interact with a seemingly benign spirit, and various versions of the story spread throughout Seikyou Academy up to the present time.


Stories of people who are "spirited away" have been present in Japanese culture. In its original sense, a person who was "spirited away" suddenly disappeared without a trace, and the incident is often blamed on supernatural entities which drag people into the spirit realm. The same can be said for this particular "spirited away" story, although a ghost is involved instead of traditional Japanese creatures.

Seikyou Academy Versions

There are two popular versions of the "Spirited Away" story in Seikyou Academy.

Popular Version

According to the most famous version of the "Spirited Away" story, there was a girl who was killed in an accident, and her spirit wanders, searching for people who will be able to understand her feelings. The spirit would take them to Kaede Hill and steal their hearts away.

Another Spirited Away

This version of "Spirited Away" has vastly different details from the popular version. In this version, the girl was the victim in the story, taken away by a god who was angered by the construction of a school where a temple dedicated to him was located.